Drone Captures Awesome Footage Of 30 Dolphins Surfing At The Same Time

An awesome video of 30 dolphins surfing together on one wave was recently captured by Dave Riggs from filmmaking company RiggsAustralia.

We first saw the video posted by at the Adventure Journal.

The video was filmed with a quadcopter in south Western Australia.

“Huge pods of bottlenose dolphins cruise the shoreline, surfing, playing and teaching their young how to forage amongst the crystal clear turquoise waters,” husband and wife team Jennene and Dave Riggs wrote on their Vimeo page.

Dolphins have been seen catching waves before and even riding in the wake of everything from huge ships to smaller boats.

Check out an animation of the synchronised surf below, just in time for World Surfing Day on June 20.

Dolphin party wave

See a full 30-second clip here. At 15 seconds, two dolphins vault out of the water into the air:

Dolphins Surfing from Jennene & Dave Riggs on Vimeo.