A Drone Captured This Incredible Footage Of The Harlem Explosion

A man captured an incredible aerial view of the wreckage from a massive explosion in Harlem yesterday with a drone.

Brian Wilson, 45, rushed to the scene with his drone after he heard about the disaster that caused the collapse of two buildings and the death of seven people, according to New York Daily News. His footage shows much more detail — where the buildings separated, the debris on the Metro tracks across the street — than the photos or video of other people shooting on the ground.

Wilson’s DJI Phantom 2 quadcopter has four blades and weighs only about three pounds, and he shot 30 minutes of video 150 to 200 feet above the scene before the battery wore down. Cops allowed him to launch the drone, but when it ran out of battery power, they asked him not to send it up again.

“I mostly use it to shoot real estate or sports events,” he told Daily News. “This was the first time I used it for breaking news.”

Check out his amazing footage:

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