Find Out What It's Like To Drive After Getting Extremely High On Marijuana

KIRO 7 in Thurston County, Washington conducted a hilarious, yet informative test that consisted of three drivers getting behind the wheel after getting incredibly high on marijuana.

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Photo: CNN

Legislation was passed for adults 21 and older to legally possess up to one ounce of marijuana for recreational use in Washington State. The legal limit of THC you can have in your system while driving, though, is only 5 nanograms per milliliter.

In the first round, each driver smoked 0.3 grams of pot before driving through a course accompanied by a driving school instructor.


The participants drove slower than normal, but they all passed the course and wouldn’t have been pulled over despite having up to seven-times the legal limit in their systems.

A second round of testing was conducted with each driver smoking an additional 0.6 grams of pot before driving through the course.

Photo: CNN

One driver forgot the course layout while another drove too slowly. The third driver became more aggressive on the course but was only a “borderline” case of being pulled over.

She then smoked another 0.5 grams – bringing her total to 1.4 grams of pot – before taking the wheel one more time.

Photo: CNN

Both the instructor and driver agreed she would be a danger on a public road.

While not conclusive in any way, the test basically shows that drivers high on a small amount of marijuana drive slower than normal and don’t pose much of a risk to themselves or other drivers. If they smoke too much, though, they become a real danger.

Watch the entire test here:

And watch outtakes from the shoot below:

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