After Driving A Hyundai For 5 Years, Here's What It Was Like To Get Behind The Wheel Of A $340,000 Bentley

bentleyI drove the one on the left.

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As I drove from the West Village to Dobbs Ferry, N.Y. in brand new Bentley Mulsanne, a man on the street shouted at me “(Insert expletive here) girl, you have a nice car!”I flashed a smile and shouted “Thanks!” in return.

I did have a nice car. Unfortunately, the $340,000 vehicle was not mine. But I did get to drive it about 30 miles from Manhattan into the suburbs on a recent afternoon.

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The Bentley Public Relations team encouraged me to push down on the gas pedal and feel the 752 lb.-ft. engine.

Did they know I was already doing 60 mph in a 35?

Apparently not, because the ride was so smooth.

I cranked it up to 70 mph, then saw a police car skyrocket around me to pull over another member of the media driving a similar Mulsanne.

I slowed down and decided to just enjoy the ride.

So how did I get the chance to drive this expensive and beautiful vehicle?

Sometimes here at Business Insider, we just have one too many toys to play with.

So when our resident Car Guy Travis Okulski had his hands full, the keys were passed to me. Okulski ensured me this was probably the fastest and most expensive car I have ever driven (or probably will ever).

Considering I drove a 2005 Hyundai Elantra for the past five years, I am guessing he is probably right.

The Muslanne delivered on all of its hype, from the handling, the braking, the interior, and the features. I even had the chance to be chauffeured around in one.

The day began at The Standard Grill in the West Village. As soon as I arrived, I saw my ride for the day: The Black Velvet Mulsanne.

I was a little intimidated to drive this baby in the city, but the brakes were very intuitive. I didn't even come close to hitting a hot dog cart!

The car's headlights are one piece and don't have a split in the middle--something you won't see elsewhere on the market.

The number of feathers on the Bentley ornament's wings are actually uneven. This helps distinguish counterfeits.

Finally, it was my turn to get behind the wheel. I was very impressed with the handling and the smooth ride the car gave over New York City's pothole-filled streets.

The dashboard is extremely hi-tech. It tells you which door is still open, and then switches to turn-by-turn directions when you flip on the navigation system.

The centre console is made of beautiful mirror-matched wood veneers.

All of the fixtures are made of stainless steel. When you blast the AC, you see the vents sweat.

The stick shift sits in the centre console. Some people will custom make the colour of their Bentley's to match orchids or even blenders.

There were a lot of buttons to plan with. You can adjust everything, from the temperature to the seat position to the music. This car has a great sound system. We blasted Phoenix on the way up to Dobbs Ferry, our destination.

When reversing, the navigation system flips to a rear-view camera.

The car drives so smoothly that it pays to keep a close eye on the speedometer. A fellow member of the media got pulled over, but we made it to Dobbs Ferry just fine.

The cars came from Michigan, where Bentley's American headquarters is located.

The car has a big trunk and just plenty of room all around.

The other team drove the Extreme Silver Bentley on the right.

The Bentley is essentially all one piece of metal.

After a nice lunch, Bentley had a driver bring me home, so I could experience what it's like to be driven around in one.

Bentley is mostly a driver's car in the U.S. But in China, where it's also popular, it's common to find a chauffeur in the front seat.

The Extreme Silver version features twine primary hide, French Navy secondary hide and dark burr walnut wood veneers.

The leather on the steering wheel is hand-stitched.

There is key-less entry and start in the car.

When sitting in the back seat, if feels as if you're on your living room couch. There's plenty of room and its very comfy.

There's rear air that you can control from the back seat.

Check out the controls. You can even adjust the way your seat reclines.

And for long drives there's even a DVD player and a tray-table.

Love cars as much as we do?

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