Here's How Much Speeding Really Costs Drivers At The Pump

It’s common knowledge that drivers with a lead foot tend to use more gas, but now we know how much it actually costs.’s Gregg Laskowski says speed demons pay as much as $1 more per gallon at the gas station.

The figure is based on research compiled by the  Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Here’s what they found:

  • Increasing speed from 50 mph to 60 mph = an average 12.4 per cent drop in miles per gallon.
  • Increasing speed from 60 mph to 70 mph =  an average 14 per cent decrease in miles per gallon.
  • Increasing from 70 mph to 80 mph = another 15 per cent drop in miles per gallon.
  • Faster than 80 mph = a 41 per cent decrease in fuel efficiency compared to those cruising at 50 mph.

It’s worth noting that the researchers found varying results depending on car models. That has much to do with the fact that the average fuel efficiency for cars has increased significantly as consumers’ love for gas guzzlers has dwindled.
If you’re looking to tone down the speed, some researchers have noted that drivers who listen to soothing tunes are better at keeping their cool behind the wheel.You could always invest in a more fuel-efficient car while you’re at it, too. Check out the DOE’s list of its top 10 EPA-rated rides

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