37-Year Old College Basketball Star Dris Upitis Resigns From $10 Billion Viking Global

Photo: Blog Leica

Andris (Dris) Upitis, just resigned from Viking Global, where he was just promoted to senior portfolio manager last year, according to Bloomberg.He’s second high-level departure in 10 months. CIO David Ott left earlier this year. And an analyst, Udayann Das Roy, also left Viking last month.

A colleague in the business says of him, “He’s probably starting his own fund, they really liked him.”

Hard not to.

37-year old Upitis grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and graduated a star basketball player from Grinnell in 1996.

(As of this season, he still holds the top record for percentage of field goals he made – 73.7% in his senior season, and he holds a record for most rebounds.)

He started on Wall Street at Credit Suisse, where he was an analyst covering the payment processing and information services sector.

Then he went to Viking, where he was named one of the best analysts in hedge funds by Alpha Magazine in 2008 and promoted to senior PM last year. He resigned last week.

Now, Upitis golfs, and he’s pretty good at it.

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