A massive dunk in a summer pro-am league has basketball fans going nuts

In sports, there are moments that are referred to as “strokes of genius.” These are moments that, in one way or another, defy verbal description, and one just occurred Sunday in the Drew League.

The Drew League is a pro-am league held every summer for over 40 years and is comprised of 28 invitation-only teams who play for a prize. What’s more is that it regularly produces eye-popping highlights. But yesterday may have produced one of the best, a dunk by former Colorado guard Shannon Sharpe that Bleacher Report is calling “The Poster Jam to end all Poster Jams.”

The savagery that is exhibited in this dunk is awe-inspiring. Obviously the people present were completely taken aback at this sight and needed several moments to compose themselves.

Even without the NBA right now, great basketball lives.

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