NFL Tipping Scandal Rests On One Huge Question: Do You Have To Tip On Takeout Orders?

drew brees new orleans saints

Earlier this week, posted a photo of a receipt from a California restaurant that made New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees look like a terrible tipper.

The bill was $74.41, and the tip was only $3. Brees’ name was on the receipt, and TheDirty ran the picture under the headline, “New Orleans Saints Quarterback Drew Brees Is A Cheap Bastard.”

The incriminating document:

drew brees receipt

It became a scandal.

Brees tried to put the controversy to bed on Twitter, explaining the bill was for takeout food, not sit-down service:

But that just opens up a whole new can of worms.

Are you supposed to tip on takeout food?

The resturant owner himself released a statement apologizing to Brees and saying people don’t typically tip on takeout orders. He also pledged to make a donation to charity.

In addition, the consensus around the office is no because you tip for service, and takeout doesn’t involve service workers (specifically, waiters or delivery people).

But is “service” limited to only the people who physically bring you your food? Isn’t there an entire line of people that’s responsible for giving you properly prepared, warm food in a timely matter?

When we tip waiters or delivery people, are we just tipping the messenger?


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