DreamWorks "Retard" Scandal Update: Disability-Rights Groups To Watch "Tropic Thunder," See If They Are Offended

On Wednesday, DreamWorks met with representatives from several disability-rights groups to address the organisations’ concerns about the use of the word “retard” in the upcoming film, Tropic Thunder, and its attendant marketing materials. Even though DreamWorks’ head of publicity, Chip Sullivan, told disability-issues blogger Patricia E. Bauer that everyone felt that it was “a very productive meeting,” it doesn’t seem that any major decisions were made.

Instead, Bauer reports that the disability-rights advocates will screen Tropic Thunder and get back to the studio by phone within the next few days. Why the organisations weren’t already given the chance to see the film in its entirety, we don’t know.

Still, at least one group, The Arc of the United States, and some of our commenters are prepared to boycott the film. Executive director Peter Burns sent a memo out ot state and chapter leaders on Tuesday urging them to prepare for boycotts and possible protests against the studio depending on the outcome of discussions with DreamWorks. Reps from The Arc as well as the chairman of the Special Olympics were part of Wednesday’s meeting as was DreamWorks chief executive Stacey Snider.

Although the Simple Jack Web site remains down, the fake movie is still part of Tropic Thunder‘s story. To get a sneak peek at some of the controversial scenes, check out the film’s red-band trailer, embedded below. (Viewer discretion advised)


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