'Dreams' skateboarding TikTok star threatens to sue Australian streetwear brand Culture Kings for using his image to sell shirts

  • TikTok star Nathan Apodaca has sent a takedown request to Australian retailer Culture Kings for selling a shirt featuring his likeness.
  • Apodaca shot to stardom with a TikTok video featuring him skateboarding while singing a Fleetwood Mac song.
  • Merchandise is one of the major ways that online creators can make money from online attention, with Apodaca’s representatives claiming he’s made tens of thousands of dollars of profit from his personally designed gear.
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A TikTok user who suddenly rose to fame after filming himself skateboarding while lipsyncing to a Fleetwood Mac song has threatened to sue an Australian streetwear company for using a photograph without permission.

Lawyers representing Nathan Apodaca sent a takedown notice to Culture Kings earlier this week, TMZ reports.

Fisher & Wolfe’s Jeffrey R. Klein sent a letter claiming that the company is selling a product that features a photograph belonging to Apodaca, and promised to sue Culture Kings for copyright infringement unless the company pulls the shirt.

The photograph featured on the shirt is taken from the viral video posted on Apodaca’s TikTok account, @420doggface208, that launched him to stardom.

The 22-second video captures a blissful Apodaca gliding down a highway on a skateboard, drinking from a juice bottle while singing along to Fleetwood Mac’s classic hit, Dreams. The video has been viewed millions of times across different platforms.

Culture King’s “Dreams Vintage T-Shirt” — which was priced at $36.95 — is no longer available on the company’s website.

Apodaca has capitalised on his newfound fame (including millions of followers across Instagram and TikTok) by launching his own line of merchandise.

Earlier this week, a representative for the star told TMZ that his own “personally designed line of Doggface clothing” had earned him more than $AUD 42,000 in the five days since he launched it.

For many online creators, merchandise is a way to monetize huge followings and is often a major source of income.

Founded on the Gold Coast in 2008, Culture King sells a variety of ‘novelty merchandise’ featuring popular memes and other content taken from the internet.

Culture Kings has been contacted for comment.

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