This PlayStation 4 game gives you the freedom to create anything you want — and it's finally available to download

YouTube/TheOneironaut‘Dreams’ is unlike any video game you’ve played before: It essentially allows you to build and design your own mini-video games.
  • “Dreams,” a PlayStation 4 game that lets you create the video game of your dreams, is finally rolling out after years of anticipation.
  • “Dreams” is now available, having launched exclusively on the PlayStation 4, in early access, on April 16.
  • If you buy the early access version of “Dreams,” you’ll get access to the full game when it launches.
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“Dreams,” a new game from Media Molecule (creator of “Little Big Planet”) and published by Sony, is finally available.

The game was unveiled back in 2013 – at the same event where Sony unveiled the PlayStation 4. It’s been in development for that long.

But “Dreams” is unlike any video game you’ve played before: It essentially allows you to build and design your own mini-video games.

It’s called “Dreams” because the game’s creation tools are so robust that whatever you can dream of – even if it’s your actual dreams – can be recreated within the game, and played by you or anyone else who owns the game.

Here’s one brilliant example of a dream created by YouTuber “TheOneironaut” during the game’s recent beta period:

You can make shooting games, puzzle games, or experiences that aren’t really “games” at all. You can recreate Bikini Bottom, the underwater town from “Spongebob Squarepants,” within “Dreams.” You can make a pan with eggs frying in it, if that’s all you want to do. My colleague Ben Gilbert rounded up all of the above examples, and more, right here.

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“Dreams” will eventually consist of a full single-player campaign mode, a creation mode, and the ability to play others’ creations online – but right now, since the game has released in early access, you’ll only be able to make creations and nothing else.

Luckily, anything you create in early access will carry over when the full game releases, presumably later this year, and you’ll get to play with all the new features as soon as they’re available, too.

“Dreams” is currently available in early access for all of North America, including the US and Canada, as well as all European territories. It costs $US29 in the US and $US39 in Canada, but again, you’ll get the full game whenever it’s released, which will likely cost $US60. To play the game, you’ll have to buy and download it directly from the PlayStation Store.

You can learn more about “Dreams” and its early access period over at the PlayStation Blog.

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