Here Are Our Five Favourite Startups That Debuted In NYC Today

DreamitMegan Dickey/Business InsiderinstruMagic presents at DreamIt Ventures NYC Demo Day 2013

This morning at DreamIt Ventures demo day, 15 new startups presented to a packed room full of investors, industry insiders, and press.

DreamIt Ventures is one of the more prestigious accelerators in New York. Over the years, it has produced successful companies like SCVNGR/LevelUp, Notehall, SeatGeek, Adaptly, and Mindsnacks.

Here are some of our favourite companies from the day:

Miner creates virtual stores on your phone depending on your location using geofencing technology. Miner delivers mobile content to people when they arrive. At the event today, we entered a contest to win a Nike FuelBand, just to test the service. At the end, they announced the winner. Miner also has a cool treasure hunt feature where you can find hidden gems all over your city.

GamePress makes it dead-simple to create iPad games on the iPad without any programming knowledge. Users can sell their games to their friends and to the GamePress community through its marketplace. They can also create and sell special visual and sound effects.

Stylr may literally change the face of offline shopping. Three Stanford graduates created Stylr to help people find clothing products in stores around you. You can filter it down by colour and size. Over time, the system learns about your preferences and can provide you personalised suggestions. Already, Stylr is pulling in inventory from more than 60 major retailers and more than 5,000 brands.

Let’s say you want to buy a dress today. Pop open the app, search for some dresses, pick one you like, and then you’ll see if the store has it in stock. If they do, you can put in on hold within the app itself and then pop on over to the store to pick it up.

Touchbase is determined to change how people interact with physical objects. It’s essentially a better solution for NFC-like communication, but has developed a technology that uses conductive ink technology. For example, New York’s MTA could create a tag so that when you place a tagged card against your smartphone, you can pay for and reload your pass.

instruMagic makes it super easy to learn how to play guitar on your iPad. In the future, instruMagic will add additional instruments, like the piano and drums, so that you can even have jam sessions with your friends.

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