The 10 Destinations Americans Dream About Visiting

With its quaint towns, incredible food, and gorgeous landscapes, Italy is justifiably one of the most popular travel destinations in the world.

And now a new study from TripAdvisor shows that the European country tops the bucket list for most American travellers.

TripAdvisor recently released the results of its TripBarometer study, which highlights global travel trends based on input from more than 60,000 travellers and hoteliers around the world.

The survey asked travellers about their dream destinations, among other questions, and it found that Italy is far and away the most dreamed-about destination for American travellers. Besides Italy, far-flung locales like Australia (#2) and New Zealand (#4) made the list.

10. Switzerland

9. Spain

8. Greece

7. France

6. Caribbean

5. United Kingdom (UK)

4. New Zealand

3. Ireland

2. Australia

1. Italy

Now see some more popular travel destinations.

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