Draymond Green rips reporter for asking bizarre question about the Houston floods

Draymond press conference

The Golden State Warriors took a 3-1 series lead over the Houston Rockets on Sunday after a 121-94 Game 4 win.

The win was overshadowed by Stephen Curry’s scary knee injury, but it was an impressive second half for the Warriors as they poured it on the Rockets, scoring 65 points to take a critical win.

After the game, during Draymond Green’s press conference, a reporter seemingly tried to get Green to compare the Warriors’ performances in Houston to the recent floods in Houston.

The question became garbled before Green interrupted the reporter, and said, “You asked me about the flood in practice the other day, and I said I pray for the city of Houston, because you don’t want to see anyone go through that.

“I feel like you keep trying to get at, like, us hitting threes or something, you’re trying to get a controversial statement out of me, but you’re not, because I feel sorry for the people of Houston.”

Green continued, saying, “Stop trying to do that. That’s not cool, man. You keep asking me this same question about this flood. These people are losing their lives, losing their homes — don’t ask me that, no more.”

Green is not shy about lashing out and speaking his mind, but he did a great job at quelling a question that likely was trying to provoke a certain type of response out of him.

Watch the full answer below (via Deadspin):

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