We’re learning more about what Draymond Green told Kevin Durant during their blow-up, and now teams are circling the Warriors to see what happens next


  • Draymond Green reportedly told Kevin Durant. “You’re a b—- and you know you’re a b—-” and told Durant that the Warriors didn’t need him during their heated exchange on Monday.
  • According to one report, rival teams are trying to gather more information on the Warriors to gauge the mood and what might happen next.
  • The Warriors will move on from the incident, but it’s worth wondering if the tension will linger throughout the season.

Draymond Green’s blow-up on Kevin Durant during an overtime loss to the Los Angeles Clippers on Monday has seemingly threatened to derail the Warriors.

After Green turned the ball over at the end of regulation, Durant criticised him for not getting him the ball. Green responded by attacking Durant, reportedly calling Durant a “b—-” several times and criticising the handling of his impending free agency. Now we’re beginning to learn some more specifics of what was said.

The Athletic’s Shams Charania reported that after Durant yelled at Green for not getting him the ball. Green responded (as written by Charania): “Don’t talk to me and come at me like I’m [unnamed Warriors big man]. I’ve won before you came.”

Yahoo’s Chris Haynes reported further details of Green’s tirade.

“You’re a b—- and you know you’re a b—-,” Green reportedly said to Durant, adding: “We don’t need you. We won without you. Leave.”

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The Athletic’s Sam Amick reported that Green’s words were even worse than what was reported, in part because of the biting nature of them.

There’s a lot to parse in the whole matter. The Warriors suspended Green for one game, docking him over $US120,000 in game pay. Reports since have suggested that the Warriors not only wanted to make clear that Green crossed the line, but that the punishment was public, just as Green’s blow-up came in public.

But despite most believing Green crossed a line, according to reports, some also felt that his criticism of Durant’s handling of his free agency struck a chord. Durant is a free agent at the end of the year and has neither committed to staying with the Warriors nor leaving. He also hasn’t shut down questions on it, as some other stars have before free agency in the past. According to several reports, the lingering cloud of Durant’s free agency has rubbed some Warriors, notably Green, the wrong way, with The Athletic’s Tim Kawakami calling it “Durant Free-Agent Fatigue.”


Kevin Durant has twice taken the same contract gamble as LeBron James, and it seems to be at the source of the Warriors’ tension

What happens next is anyone’s guess, but NBA teams are playing close attention. Haynes reported: “Rival teams and opposing players are attempting to gather more information on the morale and status of the Warriors, sources said. The whole affair is being viewed as promising to the opposition.”

Green issued a statement to reporters on Thursday, saying he is passionate and sometimes that passion goes too far. Notably, he did not mention any sort of apology in his statement (though he spoke with Durant in private, and the two were seen walking into the Houston Rockets arena together and shooting at the same basket).

Also notable, Green gave almost an ominous quote, saying that whatever happens next, the Warriors have had a good run.

“At the end of the day, as I’ve said before, whatever Kevin decides to do, whatever Klay decides to do, whatever who decides to do, we had great years together.”

In Green’s first game back with the team, they lost in rather flat fashion to the Rockets, 107-86.

There’s little doubt that Green and Durant will make up and the team will move on. In Green’s statement, he issued a warning to other teams that they will have to beat the Warriors, as the Warriors won’t beat themselves.

But Green’s explosion, while inappropriate, also signalled that there had been building tension, and finally, it boiled over. It’s worth wondering how much that will linger with the team, even if Green and Durant drop the matter.