Draymond Green celebrating Stephen Curry shot before it goes in shows how ridiculous Curry has become

The Golden State Warriors became the quickest team to get to 50 wins in a season Monday night, beating the Atlanta Hawks 102-92.

In the process, Stephen Curry put up a standard performance for these days — a casual 36 points on 14-22 shooting, six rebounds, and eight assists.

Two of those 36 points came at the end of the first half, when Curry pretty much had his way with the Hawks. With the clock ticking down, Curry decided to take Hawks’ point guard Jeff Teague one-on-one, and despite Teague’s excellent defence, Curry managed to hit a contested, fade-away 22-foot shot after momentarily stumbling and losing his dribble.

Here’s the shot:

While the shot itself is incredible, perhaps even more incredible is that Warriors forward Draymond Green already was celebrating it as it went up.

Also notable is Teague’s reaction after the shot goes in — again, he played perfect defence.

This is what Curry does to teams, and the Warriors, now 50-5, are looking more confident than ever.

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