The Hottest, Most Addictive iPhone Game You're Not Playing

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You might have heard about the Draw Something app recently, especially since it’s quickly becoming one of the most downloaded apps from the past few weeks.The “Pictionary” for iOS and Android is a simple and intuitive game that tests your artistic skills with a friend or random opponent. 

So what’s all the fuss about? Keep reading for a full tour of the app.

Here's the loading screen when you start up Draw Something.

You can link it to your Facebook account to play with friends or create games with strangers.

You have several options of choosing opponents. Alternatively, you can invite players to join by e-mail.

If your account isn't linked to your Facebook, you can also search for opponents by their OMGPOP (the game's developer) usernames.

You can run several games at once, and you'll be prompted with a green button when it's your turn.

The game gives you three levels of difficulties in the things you have to draw. The harder the word, the more coins you receive if your opponent guesses correctly.

Your drawing space comes with four default colours. Hit the pencil or eraser button to change the stroke size.

Once your masterpiece is ready to go, press done and the waiting begins.

When your opponent shoots back their move, you will start with a video of them guessing your previous drawing.

For each guess, you'll receive some letters to help figure out what was drawn. Looks like Chris B. knew it was Elmo.

Each time you earn coins consecutively, the game keeps count of your winning streak.

When it's your turn to guess, you will be prompted tap the screen to start your opponent's drawing video.

Chris cheated. But I could have guessed that he drew a taco.

When you and your opponent both guessed correctly, you'll both be awarded coins to use toward buying more drawing colours. Drawsome!

On the main screen, you can also expand your game against a player to see more statistics, such as longest winning streak and what colours you use the most.

If you have a hard time guessing, clicking the bomb button can knock some letters out to help you guess.

If you have absolutely no clue, you can pass the turn and end your winning streak.

Well, you tried. Here, you'll learn what your opponent was trying to draw and the turns start all over again.

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