We Were In OMGPOP's Super Cool Office Right After It Sold For $210 Million — Here's What It Looked Like

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Photo: Daniel Goodman / Business Insider

We weren’t surprised yesterday when OMGPOP emailed us to cancel the office tour we had scheduled that afternoon. At the time, Business Insider’s office was abuzz with the big rumours (and later announcement) of the company’s $210 million sale to Zynga.We were surprised when OMGPOP called back to reschedule.

With over 35 million downloads in the past 6 weeks Draw Something is taking over the mobile gaming world and OMGPOP, now Zynga New York, has plans for total domination of that market. 

The office was festive, of course! The space is modern, crisp, and simple with wood flooring and some very comfortable and chic seating arrangements. The space was designed by Erika Stahlman-Calvi of Erika Stahlman. Draw Something art is everywhere.

Here is what it was like inside the company hours after it sold for $210 million.

You are greeted in the office by this seating area with the OMGPOP logo and a video demo of the company's wunderkind game Draw Something.

Next to it is a chill area for more comfortable working, relaxing, informal meetings, and brainstorming.

Nearby is this wall covered in Draw Something drawings by staff and users. They find a lot of these on Tumblr and Twitter because people are often posting their drawings.

The person who did this is a pretty good artist!

This is Dan Porter, CMGPOP CEO.

And this is Dan Porter in the flesh. He was in a good mood!

Where Porter makes the magic happen.

The OMGPOP office takes up about half a floor with about 65 people working in it. People sit grouped by the game they are working on or the department they are in.

There was some evidence of the earlier celebrations.

During the party Porter sliced off the top of this bottle with a sword!

They have individual call rooms, also decorated with Draw Something drawings.

These aren't from Draw Something, so we wanted to find out who they belonged to.

Dave Tunstall was sitting at the desk ... but it isn't his desk. He is an accountant helping with the details of the current deal. There have been some changes in the office arrangements and he recently moved to this desk, the drawings are from its previous tenant.

Behind him sits, Moshe Ezderman. Originally from Israel, he moved to New York 13 years ago and has been with OMGPOP for 2 years. He is working on The Street, an OMGPOP game for Facebook coming out soon.

The game sounds like a cross between SimCity/Farmville and GTA...Ghostface Killah from Wu-Tang Clan will be in the game. He is also a big fan of Draw Something and was recently in the OMGPOP office to visit and check out The Street.

The new game fits well with the conference room theme. At Porter's insistence the offices are named after characters from The Wire and accompanied by a quote from the show (In the author's personal and humble opinion, this feature might just make this the coolest office we've been to). You can see Porter is focused on business and making that paper.

Pretty chill place to do some brainstorming.

This quote seems fitting for the company.

The office is clearly into the hustle.

Alwin Ventura is a Quality Assurance Tester at OMGPOP. Yep, that means his job is to test the games before they come out. ... not such a bad way to spend the day. Here he is actually just playing Draw Something, not working. The stylus helps refine the drawing experience.

Cookie Monster does not get to help with the game-testing.

He told us because he spends 8 or more hours a day here, he figured he would bring some reminders of home — they help keep him sane during the really long days.

Chris Holt works on Systems and back-end scaling for Draw Something. That means he is the guy who makes sure you (and the 35 million other users) can play the game without issues and interruptions.

He has these cool little stuffed animals near his desk. This one was a gift from a friend at Yelp.

This was his first little collectible, a tiger duck!

I didn't dare!

The office fridge has all the essentials...beer, soda, and milk.

Three different caffeine delivery systems.

Seems like sage advice to us.

OMGPOP shares its space with Voxy. The Voxy office is behind that wall.

The two companies share this game room.

It has this big TV with a bunch of gaming systems.

As well as this cool table...and more Draw Something drawings.


I came to the office at 6:30 and it was still busy when I arrived, but towards the end of the tour it was getting pretty empty.

Logan Moseley was there, gliding on his shoes which have small wheels in the sole. He is working on OMGPOP's upcoming top secret game.

He also had these cool little figures on his desk.

Marlo is the biggest conference room. We weren't allowed in because Zynga and Porter were conducting press interviews.

These guys were hanging in the front getting ready to resume acquisition celebrations with colleagues on our way out.

Their current office has plenty of room but the old one was quite the opposite, they shared this video with us to prove it ...

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