Pipe Bursts In JPMorgan's London Office, Flooding Trading Floor

It might be perfect timimg for JPMorgan to move into a new London office. Dealbreaker found out a pipe burst on one of JPM’s London trading floors yesterday.

The upside is that JPMorgan might already be considering moving into a new office – Lehman’s old building in London, says the Independent.

Quick – before it happens again!

The move would mean that the bank had scratched their plans to build and expand into a brand new building in Canary Wharf, so some are construing it as a snub, says the Independent.

But Lehman’s office seems like an easier, logical, and cheaper location than a brand new building, so we’re not convinced.

From the Independent:

A person familiar with the situation said: “There is certainly lots of speculation that JP Morgan will move into the old Lehman building – it is one of the most sophisticated offices around and is crying out for an investment banking tenant. Given its wish to move, JP Morgan must be the front runner.”

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