Drake reveals why he doesn’t talk to Nicki Minaj, once one of his closest collaborators


Drake and Nicki Minaj were once as tight as two music superstars can be, but he says that’s no more.

Drake told Zane Lowe in an interview on Apple’s Beats 1 radio for the release of his new album, “Views,” that he and Nicki Minaj are no longer speaking.

“I don’t really talk to Nicki. Another person I have a lot of love for,” Drake told Lowe.

Both associated with Lil Wayne and on his same label Cash Money, Drake and Minaj worked together on several songs, including “Only” and “Moment 4 Life.”

But it seems Drake’s conflict with Minaj’s boyfriend Meek Mill got in the way. Mill accused Drake of not writing his own raps, setting off one of the great rap beefs.

Drake is keeping the tone respectful, however, when it comes to his old pal.

“[Minaj] dealt with me how I would expect her to — with class,” he said. “I always have respect and love for her. Unfortunately, we haven’t spoken.”

You can listen to Drake’s full interview on Beats 1 radio below:



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