People were outraged that Nicki Minaj came out during Drake's Coachella weekend 2 set instead of Madonna

The people of Coachella weekend two got the short end of the stick when it came to Drake’s closing performance Sunday night.

While weekend one festival-goers got to witness Madonna take the stage and surprise Drake with the makeout session (and subsequent reaction) heard ’round the world…

Madonna didn’t return to the stage for Drake’s performance the following Sunday night. Instead, Nicki Minaj was the much-hyped surprise guest.

Except that Minaj didn’t perform, or speak, or makeout with Drake.

She simply took the stage for a few moments during Drake’s “Truffle Butter,” on which she is featured, hugged her friend, blew a kiss to the crowd, and then was gone as quickly as she arrived.

The crowd, who had been anticipating a big surprise guest performance, was 



Minaj also made a brief, surprise cameo across the fields during David Guetta’s opposing performance to promote their new single “Hey Mama.” But instead of performing it, Minaj lip synced a verse, blew another kiss, and that was it.

Beyoncé was also backstage during Guetta’s set, but didn’t take the stage.

Guetta tweeted after his performance:

Kanye West also made a few surprise appearances during Coachella’s second weekend, and he even performed.

First, the rapper took the stage with The Weekend:

Then, West surprised fans during Belgium singer Stromae’s set, together performing the remix to “Alors On Danse.”


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