Watch a BMW M4 lay waste to a BMW M2 in a drag race

BMW M2/M4 Auto Bild drag raceScreenshot via AutoBild TVAnd they’re off.

The good people over at AutoBild TV love to pit high-performance cars against each other under very safe, controlled circumstances.

One of their latest drag races has the BMW M4 taking on the BMW M4.

We’re not going to kid you here: It was no contest. The BMW M2 — a car that we richly enjoyed here at Business Insider — has 365 horsepower. But the M4 (which we also dug) has 450.

Down the straightaway, the M2 can hang with the M4 from from 0-5o kph, but after that, the horsepower different is too much for the M2 and the M4 starts to scorch it. By the end of a quarter mile, the M4 is a full four tenths of a second faster: 12.29 over 12.69.

The thing is, you don’t really get the M2 to go fast in a drag race; you use it to rip around corners. The M4 is more of a German muscle car, compellingly rude and fast when pointed in a particular direction. Tossable it isn’t.

Check out the video below:

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