Dr. Dre was handcuffed and searched after a confrontation in front of his Malibu home

Dr. Dre was reportedly placed in handcuffs and searched by police after a confrontation with a man whose car was parked in front of his Malibu home on Monday, TMZ reports.

Police came to the scene after the man called and claimed that Dre, whose real name is Andre Young, brandished a handgun and ordered him to move his car.

According to TMZ, Young only pulled out a mobile phone to record the man, who was cursing at the rap mogul. At that point, the man allegedly said, “Here we go again, another black guy with a gun,” and called the local sheriff.

Police arrived at Young’s home and “searched, handcuffed, and briefly detained” the rapper-producer in a patrol car, Billboard reports. Officers said Young was cooperative during the search and “denied all allegations regarding a handgun,” and the police released him after finding no weapon at the scene or on his person.

Young’s lawyer has reportedly declined to comment on the situation.

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