There are now 39 companies testing self-driving cars on Californian roads

There are now dozens of companies that can legally test self-driving cars in California, which is quickly evolving into a mecca for the new transportation technology.

Samsung became the latest firm to get permission from California’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DOV) on Thursday as it looks to keep up with rivals like Google and Apple.

The DOV added Samsung to an online list of companies that can legally test self-driving cars on public roads across The Golden State. As a result, Samsung will be able to test a Toyota Prius and two Audi A3s, according to a DOV spokesperson cited by The Financial Times.

Samsung made its ambitions in the autonomous car market clear in March this year when it acquired automotive supplier Harman International for $US8 billion (£6 billion).

The South Korean tech giant was given permission to test self-driving cars in its home country in May.

Samsung did not immediately respond to Business Insider’s request for comment.

There are now almost 40 companies with permits to test self-driving cars in California. Others include BMW, Honda, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Tesla, Waymo (owned by Google parent company Alphabet), and

Here is the full list:

  1. Volkswagen Group of America
  2. Mercedes Benz
  3. Waymo
  4. Delphi Automotive
  5. Tesla Motors
  6. Bosch
  7. Nissan
  8. GM Cruise LLC
  9. BMW
  10. Honda
  11. Ford
  12. Zoox, Inc.
  13., Inc.
  14. Faraday & Future Inc.
  15. Baidu USA LLC
  16. Wheego Electric Cars Inc.
  17. Valeo North America, Inc.
  18. NextEV USA, Inc.
  19. Telenav, Inc.
  20. NVIDIA Corporation
  21. AutoX Technologies Inc
  22. Subaru
  23. Udacity, Inc
  24. Navya Inc.
  26. UATC LLC (Uber)
  27. PlusAi Inc
  28. Nuro, Inc
  29. CarOne LLC
  30. Apple Inc.
  31. Bauer’s Intelligent Transportation
  32. Pony.AI
  33. TuSimple
  34. Jingchi Corp
  35. SAIC Innovation Center, LLC
  36. Almotive Inc
  37. Aurora Innovation
  38. Nullmax
  39. Samsung Electronics

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