Dow Ends Down 53 Points After Ridiculous Whipsaw Day

The Dow drops nearly 200 points today and manages to end down only X points. Proof that the plunge protection team is in full force; depending on whether you buy into that theory of course.

Dow: Down 53 points to 10,321.

NASDAQ Composite: Down 1.6 points to 2234 after briefly going green for a moment.

S&P 500: Down 2.3 points to 1102.

Gold started the day off falling but eventually made its way into positive territory, now at $1106.60 an ounce, up $9.40. Silver gained $0.15 and is now at $16.12 an ounce.

Oil, however, had a rough day. It closed at $78.24 a barrel, down 2.2%.

GF FInal Feb25

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