Analyst: We Could See Dow 100,000 In Just 25 Years

stock exchange trader

Photo: AP Images

On a long enough time horizon, most things are possible when it comes to the stock markets.But how about Dow 100,000 in 25 years?

BNP Paribas’ Philippe Gijsels told CNBC that it’s “doable.”  He considers historical precedent.  From

“From 1982 until the speculative Internet top of 2000, the good old Dow (industrial average) went up more than 13-fold,” said Gijsels who is beginning to think something similar could happen again.

“For if history were once again to repeat itself and stock markets would once again see a tenfold increase over a period of 25 years, the next magical figure of 100,000 for the Dow could come into sight,” said Gijsels. “It sounds spectacular. However, this is the move that we have already seen twice over the last 80 years.”


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