Now Doug Kass Is Spreading rumours About John Paulson Dumping His Gold

The latest rumour Doug Kass is spreading: John Paulson is neutral on gold.

Just last week, Doug Kass spread a rumour on twitter that legendary hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones called the top.

PTJ’s PR firm denied the rumour.

Now Kass is saying John Paulson, a huge gold bug, is neutral on gold.

He tweeted:

my gnome is hearing that hedgehoggger john paulson has omved towards a neutral position on gold $$

Whether it’s true or not – who knows. But last week’s rumour appeared to move the market, so be aware of that at least.

UPDATE: Now Kass has tweeted that Paulson said this somewhat publicly – at a conference this morning.

He wrote:

paulson actually voiced this view at an ISI conference meeting this morning back to sleep ronafco

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