50-Year-Old Quarterback Doug Flutie Is Trying To Become A Knuckleball Pitcher

Doug Flutie is one of five former college quarterbacks that are competing on an MLB Network reality show called “The Next Knuckler.” The show will have former big league pitcher Tim Wakefield teaching the quintet how to throw the knuckleball. And the pitcher that wins the competition will receive an invitation to pitch with the Arizona Diamondbacks during Spring Training.

Obviously this is just a cheap publicity stunt. But their first attempt doesn’t seem to have enough star power to generate much buzz. Flutie is the only player most sports fans are going to remember, and he is 50-years old.

Of the other four former quarterbacks, three (David Greene, Josh Booty, Ryan Perriloux) never played in the NFL. Former USC quarterback John David Booty did play eight seasons in the NFL as a defensive back. Here is the trailer for the show…

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