A Seahawks Receiver Destroyed An ESPN Analyst After Winning The Super Bowl

Wide receiver Doug Baldwin unleashed on ESPN analyst Chris Carter during a postgame interview on Fox Sports 1 following the Super Bowl.

When the Seattle Seahawks struggled offensively late in the season, ESPN analyst Chris Carter called their receivers “appetizers” with the main receivers injured.

Seahawks receiver Doug Baldwin responded after the NFC Championship, taking a shot at Carter and fellow ESPN analyst Keyshawn Johnson. Carter then responded on ESPN Radio’s “Mike & Mike” by saying “Google me. See if I ain’t in the Hall of Fame.”

Baldwin wasn’t done. During his postgame interview, Baldwin took a shot at Carter having never won a Super Bowl.

Here’s the quote (via @FOXSportsLive).

“If those guys would do their jobs they would figure it out..not gonna say any names I don’t think they’re any FOX affiliates…If they would also do their jobs further, they would see that we are the most efficiently receiving core in the NFL…My man said that we were appetizers, he told me to Google him…I saw that he was a Hall of Famer…I didn’t see any Super Bowl appearances…I would love to show him the Super Bowl ring and if he doesn’t want to come & see it personally tell him to Google it.

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