A New App Will Help You Photoshop Yourself Into Celebrities' Selfies

Shane Walker and his team of cofounders.DoublieShane Walker and his team of cofounders.

Who doesn’t wish they could have been a part of that famous Ellen selfie from last year’s Oscars?

Now you can make that dream a reality, thanks to a new app called Doublie, which launched Tuesday.

Doublie makes it super easy to photoshop yourself into selfies with celebrities. Once you download the app, you can choose from a gallery of celebrity photos and then insert yourself into the pic so you can share it on social media and (hopefully) get tons of likes and comments.

Doublie creator Shane Walker, a Standford grad, just sold his last startup SocialWeekend to Adknowledge in April. For his next venture, he decided to tap into the selfie craze.

“People want to put people and things in their photos, they want to put pop culture in their photos,” Walker told Business Insider. “It’s a way for them to connect to greater events and it’s hilarious. Whenever I use Doublie I get more likes and comments. We’re hoping to be the biggest, baddest platform for this type of activity.”

Here’s a solid doublie with Queen Bey:

But don’t worry, the app isn’t limited to just celebrity selfies. You can also find different overlays like Hammer pants or Grumpy cat to make a picture more exciting.

For instance, Walker decided to add the Mike Tyson tattoo to his face in this picture:

And then he got creative with Jared Leto:

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