Bond God Jeff Gundlach Is Raising Money At A Pace Of ~$100 Million Per Day

jeff gundlach doubleline
Jeffrey Gundlach

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This is just unbelievable.We’ve just received word from fund company DoubleLine Capital — the firm started by bond god Jeff Gundlach — that total assets under management is $23 billion.

The last time we had an update from them was on January 3, when they said that AUM was $22 billion.

That means they’ve added $1 billion in AUM in 10 days.

Prior to that, we heard they were at $21 billion on 12/15, so it was a tad slower over the holidays, but still insanely fast.

Jaw. On. Floor.

As for how he does it? Basically stellar performance, and a great media pesonality. The stumbles of the old bond god, Bill Gross, probably helped.

See here for our interview of Gundlach from last year.