This Mysterious Woman Is Always Photographed With A 'Doubleface'

Polish artist Sebastian Bieniek claims he doesn’t know the name of the woman he has been photographing for the last four months.
He simply calls her DoubleFaced as she is always pictured with a second face draw onto her face.
Earlier this year, Bieniek says he met the woman outside his apartment in Berlin.

“I want you to make photos with me. I don’t want any money for this, I just want you never to ask me for my name,” she told him.

She referenced a Facebook photo of Bieniek’s 6-year-old son Bela with a second face painted on.

Now, Bieniek says, she shows us at his apartment unannounced and tells him to take pictures.

“She gives me a maximum of 30 minutes and after that she leaves. So I have a few ideas but I make whatever is possible,” he wrote.

A month into the project, she asked him to meet her in front of Barcelona’s La Sagrada Família, so he booked a flight and took the top picture of her.

The picture immediately below, is Bieniek’s favourite from the series:

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