DoubleClick Staff Blowing Lunch Money While GOOG Deal Regulators Dicker


Chalk one up for Microsoft’s (MSFT) fierce lobbying efforts.  By getting the Google-DoubleClick deal bogged down in a regulatory quagmire, Microsoft has not only bought time to get its own ad strategy in order.  It has spurred discontent within the Google and DoubleClick ranks and forced DoubleClick employees to blow millions on wasted lunch and snack money.

According to a source close to the company, DoubleClick employees have been granted two “Google Days” since the merger was announced, in which they’ve been allowed to partake of the wondrous cafeteria.  All 1,200 of them presumably stormed in like tail-gaters hitting the grills at halftime.  However, there’s a catch: Because Google abides by rules prohibiting contact between Google and DoubleClick employees, Google employees get shut out of the cafeteria when the DoubleClick employees are in there. (Picture pitchfork pounding mob).  Meanwhile, having had a taste of the oceans of scrumptious (and healthy!) free food that their Google brethren down daily, DoubleClick employees feel envious and shafted.

And they’re wasting money!  How much?  Figure 1,200 employees worldwide, all forced to buy their own lunches until the Google-DoubleClick deal closes.  Figure $15 a day on lunch, snacks, etc.  Figure 180 days of purgatory (so far).  What’s that add up to?  $18,000 per day, or $3.2 million since Microsoft hired Burson Marsteller to tank the deal:

DoubleClick Staff Lunch Spending
DoubleClick Employees (Global)                1,200
Average Lunch/Snack Cost Per Day            $15
Total Cost Per Day                                    $18,000
Days in Regulatory Hell (20/month)            180
Total Cost                                                $3,240,000

And those are after-tax dollars!