A Robotics Startup Is Putting An iPad On A Segway-Like Roller And Selling It For $2,499


A Y Combinator startup, Double Robotics, wants to take video conferencing to the next level.

Instead of calling or Skyping an absent coworker into a meeting, the coworker can follow you around with an iPad mounted on a Segway-like roller. The iPad’s camera is used to display the remote person’s face, and the absent person can see what the robot is looking at and control its movement from his or her iPad.

Double’s height can be adjusted to sit at eye level and ranges from 47 inches up to 60 inches.

The founders say Double can last 8 hours without being charged. It charges in about two hours and weighs 15 pounds.

The robot is retailing for $2,499 but it can be pre-ordered for $1,999. The iPad isn’t included, but the price isn’t horrible when you consider that Segways retail for more than $5,000.

Johnson and Johnson and Coca Cola are already testing out Double. The founders say seven Fortune 500 companies have already pre-ordered. Preorders have amounted to $500,000+ (so about 250 robots).

Here are some pictures of Double in action:

double robotics

Photo: Double Robotics


double robotics




double robotics

Photo: Double Robotics

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