Double Fusion Locks Down Four Big Game Publishers To Pipe Ads Onto The PS3 (SNE)


Last week Microsoft’s (MSFT) Massive Entertainment signed a deal with THQ (THQI) to be the exclusive provider of ads into THQ video games on the Xbox 360 and PC. But Massive doesn’t want to go so far as working with Sony’s (SNE) rival PS3, so ad network Double Fusion is filling the void.

Double Fusion today announced it would be the exclusive ad provider for THQ’s PS3 games. That’s just one part of a series of deals Double Fusion scored: The company will also be the exclusive ad vendor for PS3 games by publishers SEGA, Eidos Interactive, and Midway (MWY).

Standard disclaimers apply: The ads-in-video-games market remains minuscule. But hopes are high the fledgling industry will grow quickly — one report by the Yankee Group predicts the market will grow from below $200 million currently to approach $1 billion by 2011.

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