Proof That Dots Isn’t Just A Mobile Game, It’s A High-Concept Contemporary Art Project

dots for iphone game

Dots, the hot new mobile game about connecting dots, could be the first contemporary art game. 

Dan Porter, the founder and former CEO at OMGPOP, recently made an interesting claim

Dots is “the first mobile game with a direct design pedigree inspired by contemporary art,” Porter wrote on his personal blog. “It’s doubtful we will see game designers prowling the halls of Art Frieze and Art Basal, looking for their next inspiration, but I think we can say in certain areas, we are having a “Dots” cultural moment.”

First, here's what Dots looks like.

Damien Hirst has a ton of spot paintings. This one, named 4-Nitropyridine N-Oxide, is from 2006. Looks pretty similar, right?

Here's another Hirst painting, titled Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD).

Japanese writer and artist Yayoi Kusama also seems to be an influence.

Here's a somewhat psychedelic, mirrored room full of dots designed by Yayoi Kusama.

You get the point. Dots have made their way from art to music and now, mobile games. Speaking of games...

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