Dos Equis Paid Comedian Michael Ian Black For A Tweet, Chaos Ensued

Michael Ian Black twitter

Earlier this week, comedian Michael Ian Black tweeted a dry message about a Dos Equis “Most Interesting Man in the World” app to his 1.9 million fans.

When followers noted that this seemed like a paid message written by an unpaid intern, Black surprisingly confirmed that he made thousands for the 120 characters.

You’ve gotta love honesty.

While it’s not uncommon for celebrities with huge followings to get paid to promote products, Dos Equis certainly got more than it paid for after Black continued to respond to every single hater that bashed the comedian for shilling tweets. Even Chrissy Teigen got involved!

At 3:07 p.m. May 10, comedian Michael Ian Black tweeted an uncharacteristically dry message about Dos Equis.

When a follower noted that this seemed like a pre-packaged tweet, Black admitted yeah ... it was. And he made boatloads for it.

But usually the celebrities don't admit that they did the tweet for money.

And there's the danger of partnering up with a comedian.

They're wild cards.

Albeit loveable wild cards.

Who apparently invented the Harlem Shake.

Black even responded to tweets panning his past jokes about 9/11.

Dos Equis must have loved it when he pulled them into the 9/11 mix.

But hey, at least model Chrissy Tiegen was on Black's side.

The two celebrities bantered about selling out.

And then even made their own business deal.

But hey, brands can only expect so much from a tweet for hire.

Well done, Michael. Well done.

Michael Ian Black isn't the only self-promotional marketing genius out there.

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