Here's The Definition Of 'Funemployed,' According To A 'Rich Kid Of Beverly Hills'

Dorothy Wang is one of the breakout stars from the hit E! reality show, “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills,” which recently wrapped its second season.

In both her Twitter and Instagram bios, Dorothy describes herself as “Funemployed and Fabuluxe!”

But if you watch the show or follow Dorothy on social media, the 26-year-old billionaire heiress seems to have many jobs (real estate agent! jewelry designer! reality TV star!), so we asked the USC graduate about the current state of her “funemployment.”

“Funemployed has gotten a bad wrap,” Dorothy tells Business Insider. “It actually means just enjoying what you do, it doesn’t mean being unemployed and fun. It’s enjoying your job, being passionate, having fun with what you’re doing.”

She adds, “Right now I’m doing my jewelry line, so I’m more funemployed than usual.”

“Funemployed” and “fabuluxe” are just a few of the terms Dorothy has coined on “Rich Kids.” Her hybrid words became so popular, in fact, that she turned them into a jewelry line.

“All hashtags that I’ve said on the show” have now been turned into gold-plated necklaces that read words likes #Fabuluxue, #NoFilter, and #Rich.

Wang sells the necklaces on her website and promotes the designs on her popular social media accounts:

#triplethreat by @babyjoe19

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