US State Department Joins Effort To Free Captured Al Jazeera Journalist

dorothy parvaz

The United States government is getting involved in the growing effort to free a captured Al Jazeera journalist.

Dorothy Parvaz, who disappeared after landing in Damascus on April 29, is being held by Syrian officials. They are refusing to release her. 

According to Al Jazeera, the US state department “requested consular access.” The embattled government has not yet acquiesced to the request.

The National Press Club also asked Syrian officials to let Parvaz go.

“Dorothy Parvaz has done nothing other than what the best journalists have done for generations: Go to where the big story is and report on it,” NPC President Mark Hamrick, a broadcast reporter for the Associated Press, said in a statement. “We decry the efforts of some governments to go after journalists trying to do their jobs fairly and accurately. I guess they really believe that the pen actually is mightier than the sword.”

Parvaz has not been seen since her disappearance.