The ‘Doom’ reboot is really happening and the leaked footage is amazing

Remember “Doom”? If you grew up in the ’90s and haven’t heard of the massively successful computer game or, more likely, trudged through its demon-filled dungeons yourself, consider us surprised.

The game was so popular in the mid-’90s that Microsoft founder Bill Gates inserted himself in the game for an internal company presentation about gaming on its nascent Windows 95 operating system.

Here’s Bill, shooting an undead marine:

Bill Gates in 'Doom'
Bill Gates holding court with a shotgun from within a video game Microsoft / id Software

Since then, “Doom” has evolved a lot. There have been several games in the series, up to and including the divisive “Doom 3” in 2004.

In the past 11 years, many versions of the much anticipated next entry in the series have existed. “‘Doom 4’ has gone through at least one major reboot over the past few years, and sources say even today, five years after development started, the game is not even close to complete,” Kotaku’s Jason Schreier reported back in 2013.

And yesterday, many years after development began, “Doom 4” was finally teased in an 11-second video:

Even more interesting, though, is a video that was leaked last night depicting what “Doom 4” used to look like in a previous build — a post-apocalyptic city being overtaken by the iconic demons from previous games. The company which publishes the “Doom” franchise, Bethesda Softworks, has yet to confirm or deny the footage (we asked and haven’t heard back).

According to sources speaking with Kotaku, the footage is a combination of the game (as it existed in 2012) and CGI footage created for a trailer (“some elements are in-engine, others were part of a 2012 trailer”).

More importantly, the footage looks pretty great, even if it’s a few years old at this point.

But perhaps words aren’t enough to convince you. Here’s a quick look at the demon apocalypse depicted in last evening’s leaked footage:

'Doom 4' leak from 2013
Footage from ‘Doom 4,’ circa 2012 id Software / Bethesda Studios

“Doom 4” will get the full reveal treatment in a few weeks at the annual game industry trade show E3.

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