British Man Who Looted doughnuts Gets 16 Months In Jail

Krispy Kreme

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The sentences given out to those involved in this month’s British riots are getting even more absurd.Thomas Downey, 48, had been at an Alcoholic Anonymous meeting when he decided to help himself to a box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts during riots in Manchester, reports the BBC.

Downey’s lawyer said that he was hungry after spending all his money on alcohol. He was sentenced to 16 months.

Others sentenced in Manchester included a man who stole Oil of Olay skin care products (2 years) and a father of four who stole an ornamental dog (2 years).

In other parts of the country, a man who stole bottled water got 18 months in prison and two men who (unsuccessfully) attempted to incite riots on Facebook got 4 years in prison.

Some have begun to question. the tough sentences.

Lord Macdonald, formerly director of public prosecutions in England and Wales, told BBC Radio 4, “We shouldn’t be finding ourselves in a situation where people are receiving wildly different sentences for offenses that seem on the facts to be relatively similar. I mean that’s just not justice.”