This App Knows What You're Watching Just By Holding Your iPhone Up To The TV

When I hear that someone has “the Foursquare of anything” my eyes usually glaze over. I almost wrote off this startup, IntoNow, because of that.

I’m very happy I didn’t.

What does it do?

Well, you should watch the video. In it you’ll see how it works: you hold your iPhone up while watching TV. It “senses” what show you are watching and checks you into it. Which lets your friends see what show you are watching. But that’s only the beginning.

What else can happen with a system that knows what show you are watching? Well, a whole lot.

This is definitely a company to watch.

Now, excuse me, I’ve gotta go watch some TV. Will you join me and if you do you’ll see what I’m watching?

This post originally appeared at Scobleizer.


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