Don't Worry! We Just Found A Way To Block iMessages!

frustrated woman

It’s a total joke that Apple doesn’t offer customers a way to block iMessages.

Thankfully, whip-smart independent developers have stepped up to the plate with a powerful jailbreak app called iBlacklist.

It works like a charm to block iMessages, FaceTime calls, phone calls, and even standard SMS text messages.

You can pick it up in Cydia as a free trial, but you’ll have to pay to keep it working after 10 days.

Let's block a number -- tap on Blacklists

To add a number, tap the plus sign in the top right corner

You can add from contacts, recent calls, and recent messages, or you can manually type the number in

Add the number

And it's blacklisted

Here you can set what you want to block from the numbers you've entered

Head back to the main menu and tap on Action Setup

Tap on Restricted Number

And now you can select what your phone does when a restricted number calls you

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