Why you should never wait to deal with hair loss

Hair loss check up
A dermatologist examines a man’s head for hair loss. Shutterstock

For many men, the process of dealing with an issue includes initially sticking their head in the sand for an unspecified amount of time.

Unfortunately, that does more harm than good — especially when it comes to many men’s worst fear: hair loss.

“If you think you’re losing your hair, the sooner you should see somebody like a dermatologist or a hair specialist, the better,” according to Dr. William Yates of Dr. Yates Hair Science, a hair specialist clinic in Illinois.

According to Yates, many men fall into a state of denial or attempt home remedies that have zero basis for effective solutions.

“A lot of people, before they see me, are using coconut oil, internet products … products on the shelf at the drug store,” Yates told Business Insider. “They have gone through a lot of things that didn’t have a chance anyway.”

The issue, Yates says, is that the majority of hair loss is genetic, and these products don’t have a hope or a prayer of actually tackling hair loss at the source.

“Fighting genetics is one of the hardest battles no matter what illness you have,” Yates said.

Comparing hair loss to other treatable problems, he says that the further along it has progressed, the less the specialist will be able to do to combat or treat it. Even if you’re a younger guy in your 20s or 30s, don’t think that hair loss can’t happen to you. If you notice it, you should try to do something about it as soon as you can.

“A lot of people — especially guys — will suffer in silence,” Yates said. “They just have to be more open about it and seek help.”

There are many solutions today, however, both surgical and non-surgical.

“Nowadays your hair can look as good as everything else,” Yates said.

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