The Biggest Mistake You Can Make While Smoking A Cigar

A well-cut cigar

[credit provider=”Eli Epstein / Business Insider”]

Recently, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Nat Sherman’s Executive Director of Retail and Brand Development Michael Herklots. After a great tour of the Nat Sherman Townhouse in Midtown Manhattan, Michael shared a ton of interesting cigar info with us.We were especially intrigued when he described the biggest mistake a smoker can make lighting their cigar: using a Zippo.

Mangling the head, screwing up the cut—those are manageable mistakes. Sparking up the prized cigar with a Zippo on the other hand—that’s a catastrophic mistake, Michael told us. 

When a smoker lights his cigar with a Zippo, he’s not 100 per cent sure of the fuel that’s being used. Butane is OK. It’s odorless and free of oil. It won’t jeopardize the integrity or taste of the cigar. 

But some Zippos don’t use butane. They’re a bit more of a wild-card in terms of fuel usage. Some use low-grade, odorous fuels—like fuels made by Ronson—that will greatly taint your cigar. 

Try not to use candles to light your cigar as well. Herklots warns that any foreign substance entering your cigar is undesirable. A vanilla candle can compromise the taste of your tobacco blend. 

The best way to burn? A basic box of phosphorous matches should get the job done, as will non-aromatic and clean butane lighters.

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