Why you should never tuck your shirt in when you're wearing shorts

ShortsGetty/Lisa Maree WilliamsTucked shirts into shorts makes for an odd look. Sorry, Matthew Mitcham.

You’re wearing shorts on warm weekends great, we support that.

You’re tucking your shirt tails into your shorts to make them appear more “business casual.” Err, let us stop you right there.

Shorts should never be incorporated into business casual outfits, as we’ve said before. But some men have decided that shorts are acceptable if you pair them with a long-sleeve button-down tucked into your shorts.

A bad situation made worse.

Here’s the bad news for shorts-at-work fans: Tucking your shirt into your shorts will not have any effect on how formal or “dressed up” you appear — your shorts have already established the fact that your outfit is as casual as can be.

Tucking also makes you look a little bit juvenile, if we’re being honest — like you just dressed yourself for the first time, and are confused about what clothing piece complements another.

The problem with shorts is that there’s simply nothing you can do to alter that perception — not even mixing formalities.

It’s the same reason that suits and tuxedos don’t come with shorts instead of pants, and why wearing a tie with a short-sleeved shirt looks so wrong. It’s an unholy mixing of formal and informal.

So if you’re going to try and wear shorts like a rebel, don’t bother trying to hide your shirt tails. It’s not doing you any favours.

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