INSTANT MBA: Fire Yourself If Someone Else Can Do It Better Than You

Eric V holtzclaw Use Insight

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Today’s advice comes from Eric V. Holtzclaw, CEO and founder of User Insight, via his column at Inc.:“You should fire yourself, especially from the jobs that, with you handling them, stand in the way of your company’s growth.”

From his early years at User Insight, Holtzclaw recalls being unwilling to give up control, spending a lot of time in his business, rather than on it.

Holtzclaw says that being so immersed in his day-to-day activities, he had no time “to think strategically.”

Instead, leaders should delegate certain daily tasks to their employees and focus solely on the growth of the company. 

“Fire yourself today by simply identifying something that you are doing that could be done better by someone else. Enjoy greater efficiency and effectiveness. Focus on what your company needs you to do: strategic direction and vision. Repeat!”

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