Don’t Root For Aereo, The World’s Most Ridiculous Start-Up

Aereo, the controversial television streaming company backed by Barry Diller, may be the stupidest high-profile tech start-up ever launched.

In my years of covering the tech business, I certainly can’t remember coming across many other ideas that were as ridiculous on so many levels.Webvan squandered $1.2 billion, but at least it was trying to create something useful. lacked all business sense, but it did give us that sock puppet. You can’t say anything nearly as kind about Aereo: Even in dot-com years, not many firms ever came close to wasting so much money and so many brain cells trying to solve a problem that so clearly didn’t need solving, in a manner so spectacularly inefficient, ending up building a product that most people don’t need, at a price that sane people shouldn’t pay.

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