INSTANT MBA: Don't Overload Your Audience With A Bunch Of Data

Kelly Decker

Photo: Kelly Decker

Today’s advice comes from our interview with Kelly Decker, executive VP of Decker Communications:“Regardless of the industry, there’s a tendency to data dump information to clients, customers, and executives. In any communication experience, the goal should be  to influence people to take action.” 

Decker believes that every communication experience should have some key elements: a clear point of view, a specific action, and benefit.

Consider what it is that you want them to walk away with. During a meeting or presentation, think about the actions you want the listeners to take. Instead of delivering a stream of information, deliver it in bits and encourage an open discussion or activity. This way, you’re leaving a lasting impression on the people you speak to.

“If you dump loads of data, not only will it be information overload, but people won’t know what they should do with all of this data. Instead they feel overwhelmed and often don’t take any action.”

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