INSTANT MBA: Don't Negotiate Unless It's A Win-Win

Inge Geerdens

Today’s advice comes from Inge Geerdens, founder and CEO of CVWarehouse, via her post on LinkedIn:

“If you want a partnership to flourish, it needs to be a win-win. If you come out of a meeting with the feeling that you’ve won and the other party has lost the negotiations, you will also lose in the end. Nobody will truly invest time, effort or money in a deal when there’s little or no gain to expect. Drop the deal.”

Geerdens says it’s important to establish lasting partnerships. If one person is gaining more from the transaction than the other, this will only make the relationship go sour and it can hurt you and your business in the long run. Follow your gut instinct. If you get a bad feeling about a person or organisation that you’re doing business with, it’s best to go your separate ways and move on. Geerdens’ golden rule is always surround yourself with positive energy. She learned from experience that following this rule not only had a positive effect on her personal life, but it was also good for business. 

“Choose your battles. Only spend time on things that give you energy. Don’t waste time on negative people. You need all your energy to make your company move forward. I took heed of his advice. It helps me every day to make decisions and set priorities, especially when I’m working all by myself. Whenever I receive a question, a business proposal, or when I see an opportunity, I always consider those three rules. Will I gain positive energy? Will I enjoy working with these people? Is everyone getting something out of the deal? If not, it may not be worth considering it any further at this time.”

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